Sunday, June 13, 2010

fit-flops and the "rocker sole revolution"

great, what an idea! Who wouldn't opt for a 'non-workout' toning method? And the science, if not the anecdotes, seems to be behind it. Flatter abs and less cellulite. Now let's talk about the foot and ankle problems that scores of cellulite obsessed women are going to develop in the next five years! Anything for a trim waistline!

*check out the small print on these ads as well-- 'not for use in a serious exercise capacity, not for use as a long-term walking shoe, not for use in sudden side to side movements...' and so on!

For an interesting contrast to the rocker-soles debate, do a google search on running barefoot (as nature intended) and see what the experts say on that!

**on an unrelated note... i really think there's no better singer/songwriter today! Check out "Mind's Eye", "Southern Pacifica" (w/Dawn Landes) and others on Youtube, but Josh Ritter is INCREDIBLE!!**CLICK ON ME!**

Monday, June 07, 2010

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

recommendation for jeffrey remas home inspections.

i can honestly say that in the whole REAL ESTATE process that encompasses both buying and selling a home, everyone is out to maximize self-gain. many are liars, many 'shade the truth' and some... you just don't know what to think!!

that being said, in my recent NEPA home purchase process, i did meet one real estate professional who was the epitome of integrity.

if there is anyone out there considering hiring or dealing with jeffrey remas in anyway, you needn't have a moment of doubt. you will not be sorry!! he is, as i was told beforehand, the absolute best.

you could not make a better decision in your real estate process than choosing to deal with jeffrey remas home inspections.