Friday, May 14, 2010

adventures on F-book...

what’s with this “Follow us on Facebook” badge on all these corporate websites? Does anyone really do this?

shhh!… I follow Simple Shoes on their F-book page—and they are only one of many companies using F-book to change the way they do business.

For instance: A recent post asked how much consumers would be willing to pay for a U.S. made m&m: get it?Simple Shoe. Manufacturing is big business, or at least it was. And Simple would be one of the few companies moving production BACK to the States, in keeping with their mission statement promising eventual "100% sustainability."

But the overwhelming response to this post was truly the best part: ‘You mean they’re NOT made in the U.S.?’ ‘ WTF?’ ‘How is that sustainable?!’

Not only that, but now, Simple’s F-book page informs us, by virtue of postings from loyal F-bookers, that ‘massive layoffs’ occurred at corporate, in Santa Barbara, in early May. This is noted nowhere else on the web, so who’s to say? I’m not sure how this jives with their speculative plans to manufacture domestically, but it may be that they are already cutting corners wherever they can!! Perhaps the corporate mindset is: better to chintz on the sales staff than the shoes?!