Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simple Shoe Company

what ad campaigns!

Dan Price is no longer affiliated with Simple, in a technical sense, but you can check him out here.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger for President!!

I admit it-- I'm a closet E-bayer. But I have to wonder... do many people who sell on Ebay also give their money right back in the form of other purchases?? It seems as though it would be a hard environment to be profitable in. So many tantalizing choices...

I recently came across an auction for a Coach leatherware handbag (MSRP $800). With one day left for bidding, the bag was at $168. It's my impression the bag will ultimately go for a steal. And, as the seller has no record of previous transactions (Ebay documents this publicly) the bag literally looks like a steal! Why anyone would bid on this, I haven't a clue. Perhaps the Ebay environment appears legit-- what I mean is, although the item must have been stolen, the potential purchaser figures she's paying, and thus the transaction is not ethically wrong, or something But will the auction's winner actually ever receive the bag? It seems to me that Ebay is a wonderful place to fence stolen goods. A thief could certainly have a phony credit card at his disposal! <--a "seller" requirement...

Because Ebay's "environment" makes tracing determined criminals difficult (if not impossible) that's reason enough to be wary. But that's not the only thing that Meg Whitman has transformed since Pierre Omidyar founded Ebay with Jeff Skoll in 1995.

I recently went to a large advertised sale at a Chinese boutique near Horsham, Pennsylvania. Big discounts on furniture! The woman informed us she would only be selling on the Internet from now on because brick-and-mortar overhead is just too high! That's the problem. There's so little human-to-human interaction anymore. We see our families, we see our friends, but this used to be a world where a new day would bring a myriad of unique experiences, meetings with new and different people (from what I hear, this was the case!) I know location plays a role... and this is just another rant against technology that's being posted on the Internet! But really, there's just so little personal interaction anymore. (I noticed the other day that the media has reduced people to color: "Barack Obama is stealing the white vote from Hilary Clinton!" weight: "Angelina Jolie / Nicole Richie / insert name here is skin and bone!" etc--people are all reduced to superficial generalities). What this equates to is a loss of interaction, loss of depth in the world.

It's gotten me to thinking about a guilty pleasure of mine-- those Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Terminator(s) 1 & 3. (Sorry Edward Furlong, I just don't buy you as a revolutionary...) And in these Terminator movies, people lament impending takeover by the machines. Jobs are being automated, outsourced to foreign countries, people send email instead of writing a letter, making a phone call, or paying a visit!

The "machines" are already in control. The real crime is that most of us haven't taken the time to object, or at the very least notice!