Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Overheard this week...

Apparently, suburban Philadelphia ordinances restricting where sex offenders live in relation to school zones only apply to CONVICTED offenders. Hmm...duh!

But for those who've openly admitted their crimes, yet are still awaiting trial, it's okay that THEY spend their mornings on the front porch, watching the kiddlies walk to school (only a spitting distance away!!) Yes, I'm talking about a specific case...

In other news:

Who knows about this PA law that allows high-school dropouts, at 16, to enroll at community college and finish their HS degree--- at the SAME time they are awarded college credits (for, in many cases, the same classes) viable for transfer to a 4-year degree granting institution!

Dual school and a 2 year jump on your peers... I would've loved to tell people my college career began at 16.

wednesday, september 6th, 2006