Monday, November 21, 2005

You beautiful bastard- overqualified AND underpaid. But... paid!

Average Jane is slightly more than average. A mind for numbers, the logic of a born programmer, she brought the Internet and PC technology into mainstream America. Did her job so well, in fact, that she talked herself right out of employment! Buh-bye Silicon Valley, hel-lo Bom-bay.

Despite this fatal flaw in burgeoning Internet technologies -- that humans, of a particular sort, are a non-essential component -- it's impossible to escape the influence of the digital landscape.

Average Jane and others like her have a helluva fight on their hands. The one pleasing aspect of job outsourcing syndrome is the abundance of educative materials and opportunities on our shores. hard at work

As a conventional management structure disappears, as CEOs, shareholders, and mid-level managers are removed potentially further and further from their employees, boundaries dissapate at an ever increasing rate.

Average Jane and others like her must bring more to the table than mere job skills. Business savvy, industry awareness, and more abounding creativity (perhaps in the form of product innovations that go above and beyond customer contracts)- that's the only way to improve upon lower cost structures that can be found abroad. That's the way not to impinge upon the very capitalist ideals that built our country (forget about demanding employers not go overseas).

THAT is the way to keep your job.

file this one under: melts in 'yer mouth, not in 'yer India.