Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Trouble in Toyland

A report released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that in 2004, 16 children choked to death and about 210,000 spent their holidays in the ER, coughing up small items they had swallowed.

Shockingly, a government research group said it still finds small toy parts in games and dolls for the under three set- parts that violate a federal ban. In other instances, packaging either lacks or obfuscates the required warning labels.
things that make you go mmmm
Among the flood of "fix-its" resulting from these reports, one idea stands out above the rest:

Parents should use a choke testing tube or a cardboard toilet paper roll to test small toys and parts. If any toy or part fits in the tube, then it is too small for children under 3 or older children who still put things in their mouths.

For the age group in question, choking on small items is a leading cause of death and injury.

file this one under: melts in 'yer preschool age+ mouth.