Thursday, March 03, 2005

writing notes

The other day, I ran into a girl from high-school. She sticks out in my memory because she once delivered a class speech on why redheads should rule the world. So check this out for the Pulitzer scoop on fire-haired Dowd and her cronies.

Acclaimed author/teacher Richard Wertime describes his writing process in my current article for the Vainquer online edition. (Publisher's blog).

While we're on a roll here...

Musican Bud Buckley gives his take on the creative process in his most recent blog posting.

Scanlon and Clark are Poynter's front men on the issue of writing good (well??)

A-list for journalism education (not just because they're lovin' on Mitch Albom 24/7).

RIP Long live the king!